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Learn what Google My Business is and how it can benefit your company Learn how to optimize your Google My Business account and the insights it provides.

What is Google My Business Benefits

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business abbreviated as GMB is a free web tool aimed at helping local businesses gain higher visibility in Google searches for relevant local searches. By using Google My Business, local business owners can control and improve their visibility in Google searches. Optimizing your listings and pages can help your business stand out against your competitors in your local area.

The more you rank on the web, especially in Google searches, the more likely your customers will see and engage with your business. Most users start their customer journey on Google search, especially when searching for local businesses for services. It is essential to obtain the relevant terms for those services. Using Google My Business can help improve your results and return on investment over other online marketing channels. Incorporating GMB into your overall marketing strategy, including your website and other advertising channels, is essential.

For example, improving foot traffic for different branches of a business can be improved with Google My Business. Although GMB is geared more toward local businesses, it can offer unique benefits for other types of companies as well.

Google My Business is strongly visible

Google My Business is strongly visible in local search terms. You can achieve a higher SERP search ranking position on search terms related to your business's local area. Optimizing your local SEO enables small businesses to compete with companies with a more significant online presence in your local area. Optimization of GMB is crucial to make your services more available to customers around you.

Local search or local SEO, and it's optimization, means the search engine optimization of your website and the use of GMB to improve your local reach in Google search. This helps customers find you and your services at the right time when they are searching for relevant businesses and services nearby.

Google My Business Ads

Google My Business listings are visible on Google Ad Spots and relevant search terms within the first organic search results in Google Search. When customers search directly with your company name, the listing is visible to the right of the search on desktop and mobile; The listing is visible below the ad and the first organic result.

When customers can find your company on Google Maps, it speeds up the process for them to contact you Having your address on Google Maps with the right listing makes your business more discoverable and more attractive in search, and it can drive you more sales. Google My Business listings appear on Google Maps on the left side of the desktop and display important information to help customers make quick decisions on the go so they can visit you.

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Google My Business Some packs:

In the local pack, there will be up to three relevant companies and their profile and location on Google Maps. The Local Pack displays important business information on relevant businesses nearby to help customers make a better choice, such as:

  • Opening Time
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Review
  • Relevant Section
  • Type of Business
  • An image of the Business

As we can see from the image, local pack takes up a lot of space in Google search when searching with relevant terms Therefore, acquiring these local pack locations is crucial to differentiate your business. Due to the nature of how local packs work, being first in organic results may not be enough if your website and business are not optimized locally.

Being able to see what competitors have in your local pack can help you make better decisions about how to stack up against them.

Reviewing Google my business?

Reviews are an essential tool for businesses to use. Reviews build trust, create and showcase available experiences, build brand recognition and drive sales to your business. Reviews appearing in Google My Business listings improve your local visibility in Google search According to Shopify, 93% of customers say that online reviews have influenced them.

In summary, online reviews have a strong correlation to building visibility and trust online, especially in Google searches. Positive reviews that customers have given you are a great way to get free and positive visibility in search engines.

Collecting reviews is essential to improving your local SEO, as the first thing customers will look at when making a purchase is the available reviews. Especially quick purchase decisions such as local retailers and restaurants are deeply influenced by the availability of online reviews. Many customers read reviews while finalizing their purchase decision and reviews also serve as positive endorsements for services.

Google My Business Costs

Google My Business is a free tool that every company should use in their marketing strategy. It doesn't take much valuable time to optimize and use, making it a cost-effective addition to any online marketing strategy.

Optimizing and managing a Google My Business listing shouldn't take more than a few hours and will quickly benefit your company with improved visibility within Google. Spend time on initial optimization and manage company updates to reap the benefits of Google My Business for yourself.

Google My Business Analytics

Google My Business Insights provides companies with valuable data that businesses can use to improve their visibility, increase engagement and ultimately drive sales. Taking action with the data provided helps you more easily understand and create actionable goals with GMB.

Most of the data collected with Google My Business Insights is data that is relevant to the profile. Collected data is useful for making better decisions when you can see a quick summary of web data relevant to your business.

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Any company looking to increase its local reach, visibility, and profitability should use Google My Business. As a free and yet simple tool to use, Google My Business is something that small and large companies can use in their online marketing strategy.

The benefits of Google My Business are extensive, and companies that take the time to optimize and manage their profiles are more likely to gain greater reach and sales from nearby customers. The power of local marketing, especially local SEO, is the free exposure you gain.

Handling and answering questions directly on the GMB profile can increase customer satisfaction and the number of jobs you receive. Increased customer engagement will result in better relationships and their willingness to share your business with their friends through word of mouth.

Overall, using Google My Business as a tool for online marketing can reduce the cost of your online marketing budget or help increase results from it.